© Des Moines Dog House 2011   Site Design by Sassy Designs The Des Moines Dog House is located in the heart of beautiful down town Des Moines, Washington. Stop in and try one of our gourmet chicken or turkey sausages, our own traditional “Dog House Dog,” or even a healthy vegetarian hot dog. Complete your meal with an ice cold soda or a beer and some french fries, chips, potato salad, or any one of our mouth watering sides. Whether you decide to eat your dog outside on the patio to take advantage of a rare sunny day here in the Pacific Northwest, or have a seat inside and have a chat                                     with Tami (the brains behind the Dog                                     House), you’ll walk away with your                                     appetite satisfied and a smile on                                     your face.                                     Enjoy the food, enjoy the company,                                     enjoy the view, and remember...                                     It’s GOOD to be in the Dog House!